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HiHr got you covered with the space where you can forward your reference’s resume by
becoming a referral partner. And hire the candidates that are referred by your trusted source.

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About HiHr

HiHr is India’s first platform for hiring through referrals. The platform has a curated and authentic network of Referral Partners who recommend verified candidates. To serve the ever-growing demand for Candidates from Employers and Recruiters, we at HiHr have a rich list of Referral Partners that keep building their network of references strongly.

We understand the pain and efforts required to seek the right talent. Hunting the right talent from the plethora of candidates is a real pain. Moreover, we understand not all the profiles that come your way are reliable ones. Hence, hire the ones who are endorsed by your trusted source, who are our Referral Partners.

The core concept of the platform is to empower institutions and individuals from all lines of work by enabling them to become Referral Partners; by referring hidden talent which was not accessible to Recruiters and Employers. This will help bridge the gap between Candidates and Recruiters through referrals.

What we can do for you

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Working Process

How HiHr Works

Now connecting the right talent with the right job is super easy!

Employers & Recruiters

Post your Job Requirement

If you are having any job requirements, post on HiHr.

Surf Referred Candidates:

Surf through the curated Candidates’ List that our Referral Partners have recommended.

Shortlist The Best:

Shortlist & Select the ones that you feel are the best suited for you.

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Referral Partners

Referral Partner Refers The Verified Candidate

Once the referral partner receives the job requirement, the referral partner activates their network and fetches the verified candidates, and refers against the job postings.

Finding the Referrals:

Referral Partner reaches out to their network with the job requirements.

Identified & Verified:

From the pool of candidates identifying the best and referring the verified candidates.

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Meet Our Founder

Meet our problem-solving Founder who is always innovating and building solutions to take the recruitment to next level.

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Rishi Patil


Yes , I love building Recruitment Solutions.

Client Feedback


Here’s what our users have to say!


"HiHr is a fantastic resource for our recruiting requirements. With the help of referrals ,the recruitment process got a lot easier! It is a pleasure to have such an asset at our disposal. The unique feature of referrals of HiHr helped to save a tremendous amount of time invested in finding right candidates. Kudos to HiHr!"

Neha Tiwari

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Referral Partner

"I'm overjoyed that my colleague has finally found a position that matches his qualifications. I've tried a few different solutions, but HiHr has shown to be the most effective so far. I referred him, and he was contacted right away. The assistance offered by HiHr was outstanding. I’m immensely satisfied to see the vacancies in companies being filled with the deserving candidates. I’m happy that I was the medium that made talent meet opportunity!"

Shivangi Mishra

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"HiHr made sure I had consistent employment opportunities and made sure I was informed of fresh prospects and pitched me precisely to the clients. HiHr is a breath of fresh air in the recruitment market, and I would suggest them to anyone searching for a perm/temp job. Thanks HiHr , just because of the right “referring” that I got, now I’m working in my dream company!"

Poonam Desai

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To solve the existing market problem of not knowing what exactly happened to your Referred candidate, we are inviting you to join us by becoming our Referral Partner.